Volume 1 - Issue 4

The heroes watch as Dr. Metropolis collects the rubble in the area of the disaster and produces a memorial to the Freedom League, showing that he is certain that they are dead.

Two weeks later, Richard Daedelus gives a live statement in front of Daedelus Industries to share with the city his current feelings about the disaster and to reveal his newest project. Remlok the Rover arrives on the scene, activates the automatons, and flees with one of the creations. The heroes subdue the activated automatons and then head to Failsafe’s HQ.

The heroes are joined by a new, and unique, face with strange teleportation capabilities. The heroes discuss the events of the past, attempt to learn as much as they can about Remlok via Failsafe’s computer, and go their separate ways.

Daedelus contacts Failsafe and shares with him his findings regarding a large vessel headed towards Earth. Daedelus estimates that the ship will arrive in Earth’s orbit in three days, suits up, and heads off in search of anyone that can assist in the defense of any attack that the ship may bring with it. Failsafe flies into space to investigate the vessel.

Volume 1 - Issue 4

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