Volume 1 - Issue 3

The heroes spring into action and head towards the Albright Institute, with exception to Rofbar who begins to experience power failure.

Arriving at the institute, Failsafe and Bolt find six of the eight members of the Powers Corps with a very large metallic crate (what is it with crates and this game?).

The fight begins with Bolt being knocked through a wall and releasing a strange silver liquid from a containment tube. The fight continues as Failsafe strategically tries to subdue those that appear to stand out as leaders, and Bolt uses his energy projection to locate the two members using stealth. The battle lasts for a couple of minutes as Bolt and Failsafe destroy the crate and reveal the contents to be large chunks of metallic compound.

After defeating the Power Corps, Failsafe analyzes the metal and identifies it as Impervium, an experimental compound of nearly indestructible metal. Authorities arrive on the scene to contain the Power Corps. Bolt answers some questions in an interview with Amy Feng, and the heroes head back to the Fail-cave (name not permanent). After minutes of planning, the heroes part ways.

Days later, the heroes receive news that Captain Thunder is attacking the same floor of AstroLabs that he was first encountered in days before when he, Lady Liberty, and Johnny Rocket attempted to steal a new transmitter.

Bolt is the first to arrive on the scene. After Failsafe snares the Captain, and the Captain shows signs of ill intent by displaying confusing dialogue, he is forced through the far wall by a powerful blast from Bolt. Follow up of the body reveals this Thunder to be another shape-shifter, like the ones from earlier that week.

The fight continues as more Captain Thunders appear, and then pistol wielding blobs. After the body count of the enemy reaches dozens, and the enemies outnumber the heroes, Failsafe attempts to finish the mess with a well aimed explosion in the center of the chaos.

The explosion causes the building to lose structure as 8 floors are destroyed. The remaining six upper floors begin to fall towards the heroes. Failsafe moves and places a force-field around Bolt, causing the building to shift towards three other building adjacent to AstroLabs.

Failsafe does his best to use his strength to catch the remaining floors, but sees limited success. He proceeds to blast the remaining upper floors while Bolt saves Amy Feng from a crashing helicopter.

After the falling upper structure has been reduced to rubble, Failsafe is attacked by four Captain Thunder duplicates. The duplicates knock Failsafe unconscious while Amy is being flown to safety. Bolt returns to see that the three adjacent buildings have been destroyed as well as Failsafe lies on the ground surrounded by Captain Thunders.

The duplicates are terminated, Failsafe regains consciousness, and flies to his HQ for repairs. Bolt stays on the scene for clean up. Failsafe arrives later to assist in the cleanup. The cleanup continues for three days before both heroes retire to their headquarters for rest. Bolt awakes the next day with a new blue and silver uniform and returns to the scene for clean-up. Failsafe is out of sight for a week until returning to active duty with some suit modifications as well.

The news reports display mixed feelings towards the situation. Should we trust the heroes? They may have saved the situation from escalating to a further extreme, but would the event have happened had they not have been here in the first place? The arguments can be seen/heard on various talk shows and street corners. The one thing that everyone seems to be in agreement on (for the most part) is that the disappearance of the Freedom League, may have something to do with these shape-shifting aliens.

A week and a half after the incident the death toll is estimated at around 280, with 190 injuries. The heroes are on the scene for clean up when Dr. Metropolis appears out of nowhere and demands to know who caused such destruction to his town. As his ferocity grows, rubble around the destruction sight begins to gather around him and his size increases.

Volume 1 - Issue 3

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