Volume 1 - Issue 2

The session starts as the heroes are called together to handle a situation involving strange plant creatures attacking the Ocean Heights Amusement Park. The heroes Bolt and Rifrom arrive on the scene and are later joined by a new hero that is calling himself Failsafe.

The heroes battle the creatures and do their best to assure the safety of the citizens as they flee the dockside amusement park. Failsafe does his best to comically handle the fight by causing the docks to become slick while Romban slices through the plants with his axe and Bolt assaults the attackers with his lightning strikes.

After fighting waves and waves of increasingly large plant golems, the heroes encounter what appears to be the head of the operation in the center of a massive plant creature. The stranger is referring to himself as Green Man, and has proclaimed war on humanity in the name of the plant kingdom. Green Man is subdued and taken to Blackstone for questioning.

The heroes gather at Failsafe’s HQ, and Failsafe becomes the first hero to unmask himself in front of the others. After a short tour, the heroes are called to duty after a police transmission is intercepted regarding an attack on the Albright Institute by the Power Corps.

Volume 1 - Issue 2

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