Volume 1 - Issue 1

Three weeks after the Freedom League’s disappearance into space, with rumors escalating, three mysterious figures gather outside of Freedom Hall, the headquarters of the Earth’s greatest heroes. As the three figures mingle a news van pulls up and Amy Feng, famed reporter of Channel 3, jumps out with her camera-man to film the three. She directs her interview at Bolt, who stands out as the leader of the three. As she asks the man of his affiliations with The League, the camera-man bursts from the van with news that three members of The Freedom League had attacked Astro Labs.

After each hero has found their way to the action they witness an explosion on an upper floor of the Labs. Through a whole in the wall where the explosion appeared they see a man falling towards the ground.

The heroes spring into action, each trying to save the man. Once the man has been brought safely to the ground he frantically tells the heroes to save the transmitter. The heroes each take their own separate ways up to the building to save the device and find that the transmitter is being stolen by Lady Liberty, Captain Thunder, and Johnny Rocket.

After a heated battle with the treacherous members of The League, and the transmitter is secured, the heroes find that the bodies of the fallen League has been reduced to a strange pink ooze-like material. A communication device is recovered from the mess and a voice is heard requesting a status update on the device. Bolt impersonates one of the mimicked members and the heroes put forth a plan to meet the mysterious pursuer of the transmitter.

Kitsume, the stealthiest of the heroes, waits atop an empty crate while Rambam and Bolt hide in an alley for the pursuer to arrive. A few moments after the call is put through that the crate is ready Kitsume and the crate disappear. Kitsume appears in a strange room filled with human sized blobs similar to the mess left behind from the fight with The League. The blobs are all working at terminals and, after some examination, Kistume realizes that he is in some sort of vessel. Kitsume follows a group of shapeshifted blobs (appearing as other heroes) back to the room that he first appeared in and is transported to the street again.

After the fight with the mimicked heroes the group finds nothing more. They discuss the safe removal of the transmitter from AstroLabs, exchange information with one another, and part ways.

Who were the pink blobs? What did they want with the transmitter? When will The Freedom League return? Will they return?

Volume 1 - Issue 1

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