Bolt's Journal - Vol 1 - Iss 2

The Freedom League is still not back and for a little while, things had been quiet since the Astro Lab break in. Still no more clues about what the impostors were going to use the transmitter for, where they are based from or who they were working for. The more mundane crime fighting occupied much of my evenings and days since.

I was watching Amy Feng’s report and she was covering an attack by strange plant creatures coming out of the water at the amusement park on the docks. When I arrived, Rangan was approaching and several plant/coral/sea creature figures were attacking the rides and civilians. I landed in the middle of the bumper car rink and started laying the creatures out. Ringin was crushing several by the ferris wheel. We were joined by a new face. An armored suit figure flying above the docks and combating the figures.

As we defeated them, more and more of the creatures climbed the dock and attacked. Slowly, larger and larger ones joined the battle. Clearly their leader, the largest of the creatures approached the dock and began its assault. After a heated battle, we sunder the creature to find a plant man within. Detained, we deliver him to justice.

The armored man invited Ragnag and I to his lair, a seemingly abandoned warehouse. He reveals himself as Failsafe. He looks ex-military and his legs are paralyzed. We agree to coordinate our efforts while the Freedom League is away.

Bolt's Journal - Vol 1 - Iss 2

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