Bolt Journal - Vol 1 - Iss 1

I was ready. After a couple years of honing my skills and growing steadily stronger in the control of my powers, I knew I was ready to join the Freedom League. I arrived at the Freedom Hall only to find the Freedom League in its entirety were off world, handling some unspecified conflict therein. Frustrated, I turned to leave and found myself face-to-face with a rather unusual man. A barbarian of some Nordic tribe hundreds of years past seemed to have stepped into the busy street s of the city. An axe strapped to his person, he was even dressed the part. He called himself Ragnar, or Ragnir, Rignar? I honestly did not catch it clearly through his accent.

Before I could inquire further, a familiar face hopped out of a van at the curb with a camera man on her heels. I had watched countless reports by Amy Feng and on several of those occasions, have begun an investigation to aid the city. She seemed just as calm, yet driven in person, as from the other side of a TV. I was stunned when she began to inquire what connections myself and Ragan had to the League. Before I could answer her question completely, one of her crew yelled to her from the van that three members of the League were attacking Astro Lab.

I immediately took to the air to pursue the lead. The League robbing Astro Lab? Something was not right. When I arrived, Captain Thunder, Lady Liberty and Johnny Rocket had broken through the very walls of Astro Lab, stories from the ground. A scientist plummeted through the opening. Another hero on the scene, Kitsume, recovers the scientist and we are told the League is after a new and powerful transmitter. We sprang into action and were quickly at the opening of the shattered floor just as the League is preparing to depart, with a crate in tow.

The agents of the League did not heed my warnings to stop what they were doing and explain themselves. Captain Thunder began the conflict. With Ragnig and Kitsume, we managed to take care of the League members, but once defeated, they became formless blobs of pink matter that reformed moments later, unless portions were separated from the whole.

Using an empty crate as a decoy, we radioed to the coordinating voice over a small transmitter, assuming the role of one of the defeated impostors. Kitsume concealed himself and vanished with the empty crate. He returned and told us he had been taken to a ship of some kind where more of those things were working and forming. We secured the transmitter and went our separate ways.

Bolt Journal - Vol 1 - Iss 1

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