Bolt Journal - Iss 3 - Pt 2

The past week has been a trying one, at its best. I am torn in several directions so strongly and none of them offer a sense of solace. I am changing. Something I can’t explain. A feeling that I am not alone. Like someone is watching me. I’ve been catching sight of things out of the corner of my eyes, but find nothing upon examination. Maybe it is just my nerves. This has been a very defining week.

A few days after the attempted robbery at the Albright Institute, Failsafe and I both received word that Captain Thunder is again attacking Astro Labs, the same floor as the impostors weeks ago. When we arrived, we found him destroying everything around him, and his response to my imploring him to explain himself and stop was nonsensical. He engages us and I put him down rather quickly. He reverts to a pink blob and reveals himself another impostor.

Seconds later, more and more Captain Thunder clones show up, followed by simply blobs of the pink goo wielding weapons. While I was locked in a constant battle with these clones, Failsafe detonates some kind of sonic energy blast that destroys the tattered remains of the structure walls and creates a huge hole in the two floors above and below us. Debris flies out from the floor level down into the streets below. The building sways and begins to crumble above us. Failsafe activates a force field of some kind which tips the building severely one direction.

I notice Amy Feng in a helicopter circling the building and in danger of being struck by the falling six floors above us. I fly out and rescue her from the helicopter and all I can see of Failsafe is a skirmish with more clones while he attacks the remaining building and blowing it into smaller pieces. I land Amy on a rooftop a safe distance away and turn in time to see three explosions destroy more of Astro Labs and surrounding buildings. The remains rain upon the streets below. I was horror struck, but I flew over to find several clones surrounding Failsafe, fallen to the street. I dispatch them and he recovers his senses and flies off.

Along with all forces in the city, I helped aid in all of the recovery and rescue efforts from the destruction of the buildings. I worked non-stop for several days before I collapsed back at my apartment. When I awoke a while later, I found I was very refreshed. My suit had changed. I do not know how or who did it, but something in the way I feel now is familiar to how I felt at the Albright Institute during my battle with the Power Corps. I thought for a moment that I should feel more alarmed, but it quickly passed and I find that I rather like my new outfit. It seems more suited to me somehow. I feel stronger and faster than I had before.

I am not sure how to approach Failsafe after this. We have not really spoken since the event. We’ve seen one another during the clean up, but I’ve kept my distance. When last we spoke, he argued that we had to spin the story away from heroes and to these apparent aliens that have been attacking the city. While they should hold some responsibility for the damage and attack, it was heroes who acted recklessly. We should accept that responsibility, not hide from it. He worries me. I do not know the man well, nor his background. Have I put myself in league with a man as dangerous as the villains we fight? Time will tell and I will be there for the calling.

I have been feeling more off center recently. Sometimes when picking up the common riff-raff of criminals, I am harder on them than usual. They just make me so mad! I mean the city has been in chaos after Astro Lab’s collapsed and they are still counting the bodies found in the ruined buildings and who knows how much property damage done, and STILL, people like this are taking advantage of others instead of pulling together and helping! Maybe I have just let my ideals blind me for too long. Maybe I’ve been too soft on criminals in the past. If I’ve learned anything from this last disaster, nothing lasts. Everything is fragile. But I’ll do my best to defend it from this scum. I will give them good reason to think twice before striking my city.

Bolt Journal - Iss 3 - Pt 2

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