The Power Corps

Super-powered Mercenaries


The Power Corps is a team of mercenaries recruited and trained by the Mastermind to be his agents and outfitted with advanced suits of power armor powerful enough to make them a match for heroes like the Freedom League. Or so they thought. The Power Corps worked for the Mastermind for a time, going up against the Freedom League individually and as a group. Eventually, after the Mastermind suffered defeat at the hands of the League and was missing and presumed dead, the Power Corps decided to go it on their own. They repaired their armor and became super-criminals for hire.

Now the Power Corps work for the highest bidder. A portion of their fee goes toward maintaining their equipment, and they’ve established safehouses and caches in various places around the world. Occasionally, the team sees fit to replace a member lost in combat or who decides to leave the group, but this has only happened twice in the Power Corps’ history.

The members of the Power Corps are trained soldiers, skilled in both combat and small unit tactics. each of them wears a suit of reflective chrome armor consisting of a clamshell cuirass that covers the torso, bulky boots, gauntlets, and a helmet over a close fitting black bodysuit. The boots contain rockets that allow the Power Corps to fly, while the armor’s gauntlets contain blaster weapons. The suits contain sealed life-support systems and the helmet has a reflective black faceplate that can display sensor information and readouts on the inside. The helmets also have special computer systems that help to coordinate the Corps’ tactical movements, allowing them to operate very efficiently as a unit.

Each suit of armor has a number (1 through 8) on the chest-plate, and the armor’s wearer is generally referred to by number while in the field.

The Power Corps

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