Project: Titanium Watch

The technological community's solution to a world without the Freedom League


First mentioned at a press conference held by Richard Daedelus, the son of the late Daniel Daedelus, and owner and head engineer of Daedelus Industries, Project – Titanium Watch is the answer to a world without a Freedom League. Created to serve and protect humanity in it’s greatest times of need, Project – Titanium Watch is a series of androids in place to prevent events such as the one that occurred after a group of new heroes took on a small army of shape-shifting aliens, and hundreds of civilians were lost in the crossfire.

The unveiling of Project: TW was interrupted by Remlok the Rover, when he activated the automatons and turned them on the heroes. All but one of the automatons, which was captured by Remolok, were destroyed in the battle with the heroes.

Project: Titanium Watch

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