Johnny Rocket

The League's Speedster


Johnny Rocket is the grandson of the original Johnny Rocket, who was a hero In the 1940s. His son didn’t inherit his super-speed powers, but his grandson and namesake did. A super-villain’s attack on Freedom City activated Johnny’s latent powers and he’s dedicated to upholding the legacy of his grandfather. He’s the youngest, and most impulsive, member of the Freedom League.

Johnny is a handsome man In his early 20s. He’s 5’ 10" tall with short blond hair, blue eyes, and a dazzling smile. He wears small silver hoop earrings In both ears. His costume is a oneĀ· piece spandex suit with a V-neck covering his torso down to just past mid-thigh and his arms halfway down to his elbows, In dark blue and white, with an “R” on the chest and racing stripes down the sides. He wears a pair of fingerless, dark blue, wrist-length gloves and sleek white and blue running shoes. He wears a pair of dark-tinted wraparound biking goggles, more as a fashion statement than out of any concern for protecting his identity.


Johnny Rocket

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