Ability Scores

Str 12 +1
Dex 12 +1
Con 14 +2
Int 20 +5
Wis 12 +1
Cha 16 +3


Fort +6 = +2 (Con) +4 (Amazing Save)
Reflex +5 = +1 (Dex) +4 (amazing Save)
Will +1 = +1 (Wis)
Damage +2 (Con)

Movement and Defense

Defense 14 = 10 +1 (Dex) +3 (Defense Bonus)
Speed: 30 ft, Flight 40 ft

    Failsafe – Energy Blast (Electricity) 8
  • Extras: Explosion, Trigger (Unconscious and contact made with biological organism), Full power
  • Flaws: Touch, Device
    Battlesuit – Armor 8
  • Extras: Energy Blast (Sonic), Flight, Super-Stength (Damage and Str checks)
  • Flaw: Gadgets
  • Stunts: Darkvision, Radio Broadcast, Radio Hearing, Blind-Fight, Super-Flight
    Amazing Save – Fortitude 4
  • Reflex 4

Aerial Combat
Heroic Surge
Hero’s Luck x2 (6 Hero Points)


Craft (Armor) +13 = +8 (Ranks) +5 (Int)
Repair +13 = +8 (Ranks) +5 (Int)
Disable Device +12 = +7 (Ranks) +5 (Int)
Computers +11 = +6 (Ranks) +5 (Int)
Diplomacy +10 = +7 (Ranks) +3 (Cha)


Disabled (Slow)


Jeremy Gadrow had dedicated his life to the service of his country. Being especially intelligent and with no shortage of choices available to him, he decided to join the military very early on. He made his way through the ranks and became a pivotal asset in his role working in military intelligence. His penchant for tinkering with various bits of machinery while in the field led him to being known as Gadget among his fellow service members.

Returning from a particularly long engagement in the field, clear of the overt dangers of the mission, Jeremy was passing through a military check point as part of his egress orders. But, without warning, a car waiting at the rear of the line of vehicles suddenly came speeding and swerving toward the check point, where he was the next in the queue. The car bomb detonated on his passenger side, sparing him much of the force of the blast, but still managing to send his car reeling and tumbling. When the military police and medical officers managed to pry him from the overturned vehicle, they found him unconscious, but alive…though his legs had been severely crushed in the attack.

Awaking in a military hospital, the shock of what had taken place didn’t quite hit him. He understood that his legs had suffered damage, but he planned to rehabilitate them and return to the field as soon as possible. Even as the doctors insisted that his legs were beyond repair, he continued to believe “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” But, eventually, the realization that he would never be able to return to the field settled over him and depression set in. A very short lived depression, as his brilliant mind began working on an alternative possibility to get him back in the field: a full exoskeleton to carry him, unlike any seen before, powered with a ground breaking piece of technology.

After months spent in the hospital, he was released and medically discharged. A prominent position in a high level military R&D think tank was set aside for him. But, he refused to give up on his dreams of a military career. He began work on his own side project, among the many other projects he was developing; a project that he was sure would get him back into the fight. But, with his personal resources low, he decided to petition to have his research project become the focus of the department’s efforts.

It was decided that his project was not worth the resources it would require: his ideas for a Perpetual Sonic Generator were just too radical and the amount of assets that would be taken up for one suit of armor, as impressive as it was to enable injured soldiers to return to the field at peek performance, was unacceptable. This shocked him, but after a few weeks, it occurred to him that there was simply to much red tape to gain enough support to ever field such a device in full. And with that, he decided to leave his job behind and reexamine his ideas.

He spent months in seclusion with only thoughts of the response to his project to keep him company. This only encouraged him to even grander plans, because they were right: a platoon of injured soldiers in expensive suits that made them only as efficient as a regular soldier wasn’t reasonable…but one suit that took a previously useless soldier to heights unimagined…that was another story. This would allow him to continue serving his country, viewing himself not as a vigilante, but as a new kind of soldier. A kind of soldier that can pick up where the politically bound military leaves off. To act as their backup. Their fail safe.

Contacting many of his old colleagues, he began acquiring resources to build his new suit with: the patent for underpowered soundwave generators (originally tested for riot control) were given to him, as a “private researcher,” for “potential use as rodent deterrent;” several early proto-types of the nano-muscle fiber he had originally been working on in the R&D lab were “gifted” to him, as they were his brain child; and lots and lots of military surplus (including armor from both vehicles and body armor, night vision optics, spare radar equipment, radios and various electronics, even some munitions)…almost all of which seemed to have an unusually short life span in the field before finding there way directly into a military surplus contract in his name.

Two years of his life have been spent assembling a powered suit of armor, the likes of which the world has never seen. Now he is a crippled veteran, living out his days in an abandoned warehouse…that is until he leaves to continue fighting the good fight as FAILSAFE!


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