Dr. Metropolis

Freedom City incarnate


One of the newest team-members of the Freedom League, Dr. Metropolis is also the league’s most mysterious member. He simply appeared out of the rubble left behind by an interdimensional assault on Freedom City, his body made up of the substantce of the city itself. Since then, Dr. Metropolis has been a staunch defender of "his"┬Ěcity, and his power to sense, control and animate the city’s substance has aided greatly in construction and repairs in addition to defense.

Dr. Metropolis looks like a male humanoid figure cast in concrete, with metallic bands set with green glass around his waist and wrists, and forming a sort of collar covering his upper chest, like an Egyptian pectoral. His eyes are formed from solid white glass, without any iris or pupil, and often glow from within when he uses his powers. He normally wears a long green cloak with a hood drawn up over his head, casting his face into shadow.

Dr. Metropolis is one of the few members of the Freedom League to have already returned to Earth after being gone for over a month. His only action upon returning so far has been the construction of a large statue of the Freedom League in memorial of the heroes that he personally feels are gone for good.

Dr. Metropolis

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