Freedom League's resident scientist


The Freedom League’s resident scientist has a long history of invention. Richard Daedelus has a strong desire to protect people and to save humanity from misuses of science and technology. He developed an advanced battlesuit that he uses to make him the equal of any super-powered opponent, although his greatest power is still his brilliant mind. Daedelus looks like a Mediterranean man in his late 30s, with dark hair cut short and a neatly trimmed beard and moustache. His armor is golden and brightly polished, with a “Grecian” style helm that completely covers his face and has no visible features save for a “T” shaped “veiwing slit” of dark plastic. The armor is sleek, with bulkier areas at the wrists, calves, waist, and shoulders where more equipment is stored. An upright, open triangle (the Greek letter delta) is emblazoned on its chest plate.

Daedelus recently revealed to the public that he has not been lost in space, and that the Daedelus they saw leave orbit with the Freedom League was actually a robotic double that has been acting in his place for some time now.

Daedelus held a live conference in which he gave a statement regarding his personal thoughts on the disaster at Astro Labs, and to unveil his newest project, which was destroyed due to interference from Remlok the Rover.


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