Captain Thunder

Leader of the Freedom League


Captain Thunder is the current leader of the Freedom League. Captain Thunder has been a superhero for about a decade and a member of the Freedom League for nearly that long. Test pilot Ray Gardener was unmasked by an archenemy on national television a few year ago, so his real identity is now publicly known. he lives in Freedom City with his wife Nancy and their son, Ray Jr.

Captain Thunder is a dedicated, responsible hero. He’s a tall, muscular man with ruggedly handsome good look. His hair is stark white and kept short. He has brilliant blue eyes and a square jaw. Although he’s nearing forty, Captain Thunder remains as fit and strong as ever. he wears a close-fitting costume of dark blue, with a broad white insert running down the middle. his gloves and boots are white and he wears golden bands around his wrists and calves. A dark blue cape billows out behind him and a golden lightning bolt cuts across his chest.

Captain Thunder

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