Ability Score Mod
STR 10 +0
DEX 20 +5
CON 20 +5
INT 16 +3
WIS 16 +3
CHA 16 +3

PL: 9

Hero Points: 4

Speed: 30ft

Init: +9

Defense: 19

Damage: +7

Fort: +5

Reflex: +8

Will: +3

BAB: +5

Melee: +5

Ranged: +10


Energy Control: 9, 1/2 action-Electricity

* Energy Blast: 9, 1/2 action-90’ range-lethal-full power

* * Deflection: 9, #rank+DEX +/= deflected

* * * Automatic

* * Explosive Blast: 9, 1/2 action-45’ AOE

* Flight: 9, 1/2 action-45’ movement

Super Dex: 3, + #rank to Def, Reflex, Init, Skills



Aerial Combat: +1 Def or Att when flying

Point Blank Shot: +1 Att/Dmg 30’ range

Precise Shot: No melee pen.

Attack Focus: Energy Blast, +1 Att

Toughness: +2 Dmg save

Penetrating Attack: 3, -6 to Dmg save w/ Energy Blast

Immunity: Electricity


Drive: +9 (DEX)

Gather Information: +4 (CHA)

Profession (Mechanic): +4 (WIS)

Repair: +4 (INT)


Name: Mark Stevenson
Sex: Male
Age: 29
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 145
Appearance: green eyes, handsome, shock of white through left side of black hair
Outfit: blue eye mask, blue tights, square on chest w/ silver bolt

“Our world is strange and sometimes the unexpected wraps even someone like me into the curvature of its form. I was no one special before the accident, a mechanic, still am I suppose. I had a decent education and really could have been any number of things, but even in some of my wilder dreams, this would not have brooked the surface as a possible path. Yet, here I am. Walking home from another day, like so many before it, being rained on and drenched in the deep vibrations of thunder shaking the very air.

I did a lot of reading after I recovered and in every survivor account I could find, the victim never remembered what happened. I remember quite vividly being struck by lightning. Just before it hit me, I froze because I could feel the air crackle around me. The hair on my arms rose, despite being slicked with rain. I looked up in time to see a pin of light explode through my vision and strike me between the eyes.

I remember suddenly looking up at the sky, rain pouring into my eyes, but I could not blink or move. I seemed lower and know now that I had collapsed on the street. The streetlights around me had blown and the night was blissfully dark, even in the center of the city.

The next thing I know I am looking out the window and I’m lying in a hospital bed. It is night still, but it is not raining. A nurse is suddenly at my side and after a couple moments, I understand she is talking to me and saying my name. I learn that I have been in a coma for three years. When I see myself in a mirror for the first time since awakening, I at first do not recognize myself. I am gaunt and pale. My black hair now has a streak of pure white through it. But after a moment, I recognize me hiding beneath. A scar from my childhood here, the familiar mole there.

My old boss (Erik Jordan) offers me a job back at the shop. He never did find a replacement for me that could handle the foreign cars as well. He lets me work when I feel up to it. It is about a month before I overhear a couple of the other guys talking about how Erik blamed himself for my accident. He pushed me a lot back then, deadlines, productivity, etc. and would hassle me to stay late on one car or another he wanted done right away. I buy him a beer a burger after work the next day and thank him for looking out for me. We got really drunk that night and have been great friends ever since. He still lets me work whenever I feel like it and pays me more than he should.

Another month passes and I have become increasingly aware of feeling differently than I used to. The doctors say I’ve made a complete and miraculous recovery, no burns, no brain damage, etc. But, I couldn’t shake the feeling during those days that something was off about me. At first, I thought I was just generating a lot of static electricity, because I kept shocking people when I went to grab something they were holding or shaking their hands. I first discovered my new powers the night my neighbors were having a party upstairs and I got unreasonably furious at their refusal to take it down a few notches. I was in my apartment fuming and the next thing I knew, I blew a hole through my microwave.

Over the next couple months, I found out I could do all sorts of things. Something happened when I was struck by lightning. I have heard rumors others like myself had a similar reaction, but the result is never the same. Theories abound over possibly setting off genetic catalysts in the body and mind or perhaps the lightning struck some cosmic object in descent, who knows. At first, I did very little differently in my life, but I recognized the opportunity in my new found powers through the actions of those different like me. Superheroes of the world, using their skills to protect mankind and often, save us from ourselves. I had found my calling.

I created an outfit to protect my identity and began working small around the city. Catching thieves and crooks. Occasionally saving people in accidents. But when I went home, I felt right, fuller than I ever felt before. And I was pretty good at it. I decided that one day I would join the ranks of the great superheroes. I would join the Freedom League."


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